Sunday, June 1, 2008


it's been a week since last i wrote my last blog.. there's a ton of stuff going on and i dont have time to update... start on my 1st week of holiday .. ermm.. most of the time hang out with my friends,playing ps2 and pc games.. and yea.. i went to intai2 for a dinner with my sister and guess what.. we met a bunch of af student.. according to my sister they were the finalist.. (i dont know coz i dont care).. from my point of view they just a pathetic kids who wanna become a star.. like boohoo they dont have what it takes to become a star.. they dont have a commercial value faces and most of all they dont have a good voices.. if this what they called a star.. then something wrong happening to malaysian music.. people often said that "at least they voices is better than yours" or etc.. ok.. from my defense ,i know how bad my voice are so i dont go and compete on some silly singing comp.. and i know where my status are.. and they so pathetic.. why .. because they dont know how to sing.. they dont have a good voices but still they go and compete in those silly thing.. thats why i called them last friday i went to my parent house in melaka.. but it not going so well.. coz i got a bad flu on saturday till sunday.. and still i got a bad sore throat today.. haihh... how it happen.. 1st u sleep on the floor with and air cond on.. and pray for a rain in the morning.. walah.. u got a flu like i did.. T_T.. so the whole time in melaka i just lay down and covered up myself wit a blanket.. T_T ... suppose i go for a work today.. but with this strange voice i guess it better for me to stay at home.. thats all folk... later

Thursday, May 22, 2008

lolipop is a candy

it took ages for me to update this blog.. haha.. wat can i say i do this whenever i want to do.. today is the last day i'm in mmu cyberjaya..(i mean like for this trimester la).. so i'm gonna pack up my things except my pc coz normally my pc will be the last one i'll pack.. hahah.. and tomorrow i'll be gone.. it's weird tho .. coz seem like i'm gonna miss a lot time bout living in hostel.. (next trimester not sure whether i'm stay at hostel or rent apartment).. i miss spam the CT.. miss playing wow,missing playing fm and so on..

last 3 days was like hell coz i'm suffered from headache and come worst my migrain came back.. erghhh .. im not the one who whine bout their pain.. so i just keep quiet and make a less movement on my head.. and sometimes i smack my neck with towel or something...

tomorrow when i reached home.. 1st thing i wanna do is to go to Midvalley and grab chesse burger at Carl's Junior.. im craved for that thing for 2 days now.. or maybe just treat myself with domino's pizza(whatever topping except seafood).. nyum nyum.. and guess what .. i'm gonna get astro decoder in my room along with 29 inch tv..u know it's good to donate ur tv to other coz one day it will pay off....

this morning i cleaning up my cpu case and guess what.. i found 2 dead bugs inside my case... and another 3 behind the case.. arghhh... idiot bugs..what they think my cpu case was their homeland ker ..?? bengong...

thats all.. need to shower coz it's getting hotter and hotter...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Two Towers

i steal some time to update my blog.. so here goes nothing.. for bout what, 2-3 days now i had over sleep.. i slept at bout 6 or 7 in the morning and woke up at 7... luckily my mom called me or else i will woke up at 8 or 9 pm.. hahaha.. for some it will be so great,but for me it will be such a waste.. many things i will miss when i was sleeping... like missing the chance to buy nasi ayam or nasi tomato akak hb2.... coz it gonna took me some time sitting doing nothing.. just to find a mood for shower.. usually it gonna take 10 to 15 minutes.. so when i done shower and all stuff then it took me to 8 or 8.30 pm... so there will be no more nasi tomato or nasi ayam for me.. T_T .. but now i found a menu that really gonna satisfied my appetite.. nasi putih with daging masak kicap.. wohooo.. satisfaction guarantee ... and another reason why i hate to have an overslept.. ermm.. it gonna make me sleepy again after a short time.. making ache on my head and neck.. and the worst part is will be so quiet and my face look like im going to murder someone(based on what my mom said) ..hahaha... one more things... why i dont take my examination week so seriously.. like others, keep telling people how stress they will be,how scared or unprepared they are.. i just dont do stuff like that.. not bcoz im well prepared or stuff.. noo, but bcoz for me its no point telling others how scared or stress or unprepared u are to others.. not like when u telling that all the stress gone away.. or make ur study becoming more efficient .. maybe for u it will be.. but not for me.. and for me the best way to study is just keep my life as normal as it can be.. just add some more times for study .. thats it... (maybe thats why i just got a simple result for all my exam.. :P) and for me there's no last minute study.. just study whenever i want to.. but i restrict myself to read notes or anything before entering exam hall.. just when i really2 forgot bout something then i will read again.. but a simple glance.. thats it.. dont try this method.. bcoz if i was u i wont.. hahahaha.. study the way u think the best for u...

the title dont have any connection with this blog ... i just write it randomly..

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day (actual day)

for mother's day on 11th May this year... my sisters bought my mom a new handphone but dont want to put my name on the card.. soo sad to be left out.. T_T .. but when i called my mom to wish her and told her gift that i give her was only my love and pray that she will always be healthy and protected by Allah from any harm.. she told me that was the best present she got and hope she will get that present everyday... of course she will get them everyday till the day i'm gone ...

i love u forever
i like u for always
as long as im living
my sweetheart u'll be


Friday, May 9, 2008

what is wrong with me

listening to hanya kau yang mampu by aizat suddenly make me missing someone.. she's the blast from the past .. like what .. a million years ago.. but still i cant totally forget bout her.. what is wrong with me.. girl after girl i've been dating but still to her, there's no comparison.. i tried to think bout something bad that she'd done to me,but still the good thing top all of it.. i'm so sick of this feeling.. but it's nothing i can do.. it's something dat i cant simply erase from my memory.. people always told me time will ease all the things.. but i think all those memory beat all these times... this is me.. sometimes i life feel like on top of the world,but sometimes like a sinking ship waiting to be wreck in the wild ocean...gosh.. i'm not this weak.. i am not.. i'm strong,at least im act like one.. but when time like this come.. i feel so weak.. i hate this.. i really do hate this... im tired of being strong.. maybe its time for me to be weak for a while.. at least for a day.. maybe.. this is what you get when ure not get enough sleeping.. u feel so vulnerable...

for whom reading this blog.. get enough sleep so u wont get this kind of feeling.. this is me.. it happen many times before and it will gone instantly when i woke up.... when im vulnerable.. i will think like random sadness in my life...


live life to the fullest

(i'm starting to write something a bit personal inside my blog..again... will edit it later.)

7 and not 8


1) Love about pc hardware n software..
2) Like to wear shorts.. long pants make me uncomfortable..
3) Like to wear cap.. coz it sunny day in m'sia.. hahaha
4) blue,white,green and black is my favourite colours
5) Some said I'm a good listener.. ermm..
6) Dont like to share my problem with others..
7) My favourite number is 11,2 and 27


1) Die before i repetance from all sins i'd made
2) Lost my loves one.. esspecially my parents..
3) Lost all my senses
4) Doomsday
5) get bitten by snakes
6) Being alone in this world .. like will smith in I'm Legend
7) Paralyze


1) Edwin McCain - I'll Be
2) Linkin Park - Points of Authority
3) Lifehouse - Blind
4) Boyzone - You Needed Me
5) Pachabel - Cannon In D
6) Aizat Af6(kot) - Hanya Kau Yg Mampu
7) Chris Brown - With You


1) aloo
2) uittt
3) aiiii
4) erkk
5) oO
6) huh
7) ermmm


1) beloved family
2) my cap.. coz it's a gift from someone..
3) my friends
4) my handphone.. coz it's the most expensive b'day gift i got from my sister.. ^_^
5) my pc .. bleh la
6) my LOTR extended collectors DVD .. tho my sister borrowed it n not return it yet.. T_T
7) there's a pic of me when i was bout 2 years old.. coz i think i'm so cute in it.. =P


1) living away from my mom.. when i'm in boarding school
2) love someone and being love by someone
3) didnt sleep for 3 days .. end up in hospital.. hahahaha
4) arrived KL from Kedah with only rm2 and no hp credit..
5) having a nephew and niece.. yayy
6) traveled around asia with my dad.. miss those moment..
7) i dating with someone.. hahaha..


1) me
2) who ..?
3) where ..?
4) how ..?
5) huh ..?
6) ha ..?
7) maybe you .. hahahaha

Thursday, May 8, 2008

good night

ok.. i go to bed bout 7.40 am after playing FM network which i had lost bout 4 match streak.. T_T .. and finished updating my blog.. then bout 8.15 i got a call from my sister telling that one of her staff will come to mmu to send me a check for MMU fees.. ok.. she's not telling me exact time when her staff will show up.. i have to wait.. then bout 9 am i got a msg from her telling that her staff will come tomorrow.. >_< .. i said .. wat .. ??? i already took a shower in the cold morning just bcoz i tot that her staff will show up today.. i then replied to her asking why she dont tell me earlier.. at least b4 i took a shower... then she called me mumbling bout why i go to bed so late in the morning.. waaa.. it's her fault but i suffered the consequence.. i just keep quiet all the time she mumble.. then she confirmed that her staff will come tomorrow.. but still she wont tell me what is the exact time.. T_T ... ok.. dont ask me why but that's my lovely sister natural behavior.. she never tell me exact time for me to wait for anything.. either when she want to pick me up or anything.. she wil only be saying that she will arrive shortly (which it will took a long time) or worse she already arrive.. haihhhh... ok back to the topic.. then bout 9.30 i want to continue my sleeping then one of my friend msg me telling that it such a long time i dont call her.. and she afraid that she had make some mistake and i'm mad at her.. bcoz i dont have any strength to reply her sms.. i just called her.. and it took me to 10am and i still dnt have enough sleep.. T_T .... bout 10 am i continue my sleep.. then suddenly my mom called.. ok,if my mom called i have to answer it bcoz if not she gonna keep calling me on and on untill i answer... or she will call my sister asking them to try to call me.. which gonna make my phone ringing like hell receiving call from all of my sister.. >.< .... ok.. my mom called just to ask me wheter i already woke up or not .. and what breakfast i ate.. waaaa~.. bout 10.15am i really tired,sleepy and lemau.. i jump to my bed to continue my sleep.. around 12 my friend called me telling that she in cyberjaya with my other 2 friends.. they want to have lunch with me.. first i refuse but then after a long persuasion from them.. i finally agreed to lunch with them.. bout 1.30 they pick me up and we go for a lunch at Padi ( which is their idea.. but part of a deal they paid for my food ^_^ ).. then i have to followed them to alamanda to watch ironman.. i refused to go but i cant do anything since they're driving.. so i have to go .. >_< .. we arrived at alamanda bout 3.15 and it such a relief coz the earliest movie was on 4.45.. hahaha.. i lied to them ironman is a 3hrs movie and it will take till 8 pm for movie to finish.. then it was canceled since of them need to get back before 8.. hahaha.. yess.. so we head back to mmu and here i am now.. writing this blog coz i cant sleep even though my body feel sooo weak.. maybe i'll just laying on my bed find a good spot till i sleep.. ok.. good night all .. T_T